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Innovation is the soul of us, and not just product innovation!

We were highly reputated by product innovation till now, today we are doing much more than that to be the leader.



Philosophy Innovation

This is the premise of enterprise innovation. We were focusing on small range offer before. Nowadys, our eyes focus on global market.

Especially in past 5 years, we spent lots of efffort to complete our product range with quality. We are very clear about the trend of this market and step forward, will continue this developing pace.

Management Innovation

We consider management innovation as the foundation of enterprise innovation. We built unique ERP system to control the production, strict QC process. 

Besides, our engineering team developed stronger, devided into different section to do the professional fields.

There are many seperate team under head office control, which made each of them important and work hard together.

Product Innovation

Product innovation is the key to the innovation of us.

Till now, we have many advanced innovations since 2009, like EPS System, Cornering Speed, Lifting Speed Control, Quiet Night and MoonWalk.
Today we are planning to launch more innovations and new products to reach a new level.


Service Innovation

Both of our sales team and after-sales team are trying to make our customers' job easier.

We are working on how to help our customers to market precisely, how to control the operation of products in end using side...