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Service is one of the key phylosophies for us.

Quality and cost control is my unlimited mission, meanwhile, service should be alive anytime and anywhere.

When to design a new product, our strong engineering team will work together to consider more convinience for maintenance.
You could find it very easy to maintain our products because most of the designs and parts are universal for different models.
And, every parts are under marked to trace the quality causes, which also could help the customers to do the maintenance easily.
Our sales team treats themselves as service provider. They are always working hard so that the customers could reach them freely.
After continous training, the team prepared professional marketing files for the customers.
At JB, sales team and after-sales team are closely connected to help and improve together.
At JB, after-sales department is much more than only after-sales service. We always think after-sales is much more significant than sales.
To offer fast and efficient response is only one part of their position, because they will never stop preparing the trouble shooting more complete.
Every quality feedback will be noted and analysed together and forwarded to engineering team.
They have many opportunity to work with the engineering team to improve their ability.
The target of them is to think ahead of any quality feedback happen and any special technical support that the customers request.
To think more, to act more, then to complete allround service more...